+++ The Arkain Indie Podcast: [AIP]

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The show features a variety of music tracks from around the nation/world spanning many genres and time periods. Live performances, interviews, and candid banter fill out the bill.

Here is a list of the available shows:

+++NOV 30, 2009: Episode 038 (115Mb)

Release #38

Brent, Mike, and Pat discuss. Music is played, the list was lost. Listen and find out for yourself.


+++NOV 23, 2009: Episode 037 (147Mb)


1. MC5 - Skunk Society Speaking - (High Times)
2. Man or Astroman - Name of Numbers - (Destroy All Astromen)
3. The Residents - Customer - (Sorry Ma I forgot to take out the trash)
4. D-pacalypse - I Got Lost -
5. Bruce Springsteen - Atlantic City - (Nebraska)
6. Tom Waits - Lucinda/Aint Goin Down - (Glitter & Doom)
7. Orchestre Tout Puissant Likembe Konono No 1 De Mingiedi - Zeyisalangayizama - (Lubuaku)

Brent, Mike, and Pat discuss everything from OJ to surfing, fat quitters, and Jimmy Buffet!


+++DEC 11, 2007: Episode 036 (98.38Mb)

Release #36

1. Devo - Jocko Homo (We Are Not Men We Are Devo)
2. Eels - Saturday Morning (Shootenanny)
3. Loney Dear - I fought the battle of trinadad and tabago
4. Tom Wait - Gods Away on Business (Blood Money)
5. The Moutain Goats - You and Your Memory (The Sunset Tree)
6. Arab on Radar - The biggest little prick in the union
7. THe Pixies - Broken Face (SuferRosa)
8. Guitar Wolf - Demon Card (Love Rock)
9. Hey Gravedigger - Untitled track
10. Warren Hixson - Joe Smith Blues (Mouthkissing in America)

Waylon and Mike-2 wks in a row!!! This weeks episode features the Church of the Subgenius and how to make sure your dick dont stink! Enjoy!!!


+++DEC 03, 2007: Episode 035 (62.89Mb)

Release #35

1. John Lee Hooker - Crawling King Snake (Delta Blues Legends)
2. The Shins - Sleeping Lessons (Whincing the Night Away)
3. Animal Collective - Hey Light (Here Come the Indian)
4. Grizzly Bear - Lullabye (Yellow House)
5. Os Mutantes - Baby (1965)
6. Warren Hixson - Barmaid (Moose)
7. Cupcake - Baby in Pool (Crush Your Cupcake)
8. Deadlegs - Cubicle (unreleased)
9. Chase King - Escalators (Chase King)
10. Aspe - Gone for Good (Comfort is Key)

Waylon and Mike pull it together and actually do another podcast!!!


+++April 05, 2007: Episode 034 (74.54Mb)

Release #34:

Somehow while moving the files over to the new server, this file got lost
If you have the file and would like to send it back to me, awesome, otherwise, I'll just have to do a new one soon! Thanks.

The Fall - How I Wrote Elastic Man (50000 Fall Fans Cant Be Wrong)
Optiganally Yours - Poodleman (Exclusively Talentmaker!)
Quasi - You Fucked Yourself (Quasi)
Grandaddy- Street Bunny (Sophftware Slump Bsides)
The Feelings - Unknown (Unknown)
Melt Banana- First Contact to Planet Q (Teeny Shiny)
Fanfare Ciocarlia
-So Te Kerau (Iag Bari)
Queen - Fat Bottom Girls (Best of Queen)

Waylon and Mike pull it together and actually do a podcast.


+++Jan 20th, 2007: Episode 033 (72.80Mb)

Release #33:

Mean Moon - Down to the River (the Dead Shade)
ASPE - Baby Blue Basement (the Dead Shade)
Swayze - Blood (Live)
Leonard Cohen- Is this What You Wanted (New Skin for the Old Ceremony)
Tom Waits - A Little Drop of Poison (Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers, and Bastards)
Joanna Newsom- Sawdust & Diamonds (YS)
-Believe ESP (Friend Opportunity)
Bunny Fuzzy-Midnight Cherry Pop (Japanese Girl Comp)
Blonde Redhead -Luv Machine (In an Expression of the Inexpressible)
Tadpole Fad -Business Casual (Business Casual)
Indian Teeth - Swampy's Best Friend (Box of Teeth- DiscB)

About time, right?

+++Sept 12th, 2006: Episode 032 (75.20Mb)

Release #32:

Daniel Johnston - Love Will See You Through (Fun)
Mountain Goats - Love, Love, Love (The Sunset Tree)
M Ward - Chinese Translation (Post War)
Elliot Smith- Coming Up Roses (Elliot Smith)
Blonde Redhead - Anticipation (Misery is a Butterfly)
Billie Holiday- Life Begins When You're in Love (Essential Billy Holiday)
Jolie Holland
-Damn Shame (Escondida)
Joanna Newsom -Swansea (The Milk-Eyed Mender)
Tom Waits -A House Where Nobody Lives (Mule Variations)
Leonard Cohen -Hey, Thats No Way to Say Goodbye (Essential Leonard Cohen)

Finally back, things have been very busy, I'll try to get back on a regular schedule...


+++July 9th, 2006: Episode 031 (51.62Mb)

Release #31:

Figurines (The Control Group) - Race You (Skeletons)
Figurines (The Control Group) - The Wonder (Skeletons)
Modest Mouse (UP)- Custom Concern (This is a Long Drive...)
For Stars (Full Frequency Range)- Lot Like Me (For Stars)
Mountain Goats (4AD)- Up the Wolves (The Sunset Tree)
Captain Beefheart (Buddha)- Elle Guru (Trout Mask Replica)
Caroliner ()
-Terrible Hunger for the Perfect Pie (Wine Wont Do, Wife Wont Do)

All alone...

+++June 11th, 2006: Episode 030 (77.26Mb)

Release #30:

Indian Teeth (Arkain) - Kneecap Meteorite (Unknown)
King Missile (Atlantic) - Martin Scorsese (Happy Hour)
Captain Beefheart (Buddha)- Pachuco Cadaver (Trout Mask Replica)
Lords of Acid (Antler Subway) - Voodoo- U (Voodoo- U)
Numbers ()- Too Cool to Say Hi (Life)
The Raconteurs (XL)- Intimate Secretary (Broken Boy Soldiers)
Crush Your Cupcake (Arkain)
-Bizarro (Crush Your Cupcake)
Dean Wareham And Britta Philips (JetSet) -Moon Shot (L' Avventura)
Warren Hixson (Arkain) - Shotgun (One-Third Split)
Gary Jules and Michael Andrews (Enjoy) - Mad World (Donnie Darko)

The Return of Zane. And the strangest 1st-half of a podcast yet.


+++June 4th, 2006: Episode 029 (77.26Mb)

Release #29:

Pink Noise() - Bland (All is Nu)
Sonic Youth (Geffen) - Incinerated (Rather Ripped)
Unbunny (One Ton Santa)- Swans are Fainting (Black Strawberries)
Islands (Equator) - Swans, Life After Death (Return to the Sea)
Ali Farka Toure ()- Hani (Radio Mali)
Eric Dolphy (Restless)- Burning Spear (IronMan)
Do Make Say Think (Constellation)
-End Of Music (& Yet & Yet)
One Mile North (Old Colony Records) - Evil Architecture (Glass Wars)


+++May 27th, 2006: Episode 028 (97.03Mb)

Release #28:

Man Man (Ace Fu) - Black Mission Goggles (Six Demon Bag)
The Flying Fellini's () - Earthquake (demo)
The Black Angels (Light in the Attic)- The Sniper at the Gates of Heaven (Passover)
U2 (Island) - New Year's Day (War)
Frank Zappa (Rykodisc)- Stink Foot (Apostrophe)
Optiganally Yours (Absolutely Kosher)- Poodleman (Exclusively Talentmaker!)
The Shaggs (RCA
) -My Pal Foot Foot (Philosophy of the World)
Lila Downs (Narada) - Nueva Viento (Tree of Life)
Rocky Voltalato (Barsuk) - White Daisy Passing (Makers)
The Decemberists (Kill Rock Stars)- Eli, The Barrowboy (Piqaresque)
Tom Brosseau (Loveless)- The Young and the Free (Tom Brosseau)

Zane is back. Fun is had.

+++May 7th, 2006: Episode 027 (93.57Mb)

Release #27:

Screeching Weasel (LookOut!) - Kamala's Too Nice (My Brain Hurts)
Syd Barrett (Capitol) - Dark Globe (The Madcap Laughs)
Slint (Touch and Go)- Good Morning Captain (Spiderland)
Songs Ohia (Secretly Canadian) - Farewell Transmission (Magnolia Electric Co.)
Slow Dive (SBK) - Alison (Souvlaki)
Sunny Day Real Estatel (Subpop) - Guitar and Video Games (How it Feels to be Something On)
Sigur Ros (MCA
) -()-1 ()
South San Gabriel (Misrah ) - St Augustine (Welcome Convalescence)
Sonic Youth (DGC) - The Diamond Sea (Washing Machine)

The S-cast. Void of funny banter, just fun with S's.

+++April 23th, 2006: Episode 026 (94.05Mb)

Release #26:

Jeff Kaiser Ockodektet (pFmentum) - I Wish My Uncle Toby was a Water Drinker (13 Themes for a Triskaidekaphobic)
Wire (EMI) - 3 Girl Rhumba (Pink Flag)
Dillards ()- Polyvonne (Backporch Bluegrass)
Sonic Youth (DGC) - Skip Tracer (Washing Machine)
Jandek (Corwood) - Nancy Sings (Chair Beside the Window)
Built to Spill (UP) - Big Dipper (Nothing Wrong with Love)
Grandaddy (V2
) - Hewlett's Daughter (Sophtware Slump)
Vincent Gallo ( ) - A Colored Sky Colored Grey (Music for Film)
Raincoats () - The Void (s/t)
Animal Collective (Paw Trax) - Slippi (Here Comes the Indian)
Low (Kranky) - July (Things We Lost in the Fire)
Sonic Youth (DGC) - Panty Lies (Washing Machine)
Jeff Kaiser (pfMentum) - The Old Man (Asphalt Buddhas)

Mike, Brent and Waylon bring the fun. You bring the chips.


+++April 16th, 2006: Episode 025 (64.8Mb)

Release #25:

The Bamboos (Ubiquity) - Step it Up (Step it Up)
Lana () - Alist (from myspace)
Belle and Sebatian (Matador)- The Blues are Still Bluet (The Life Persuit)
Feist (Interscope) - Mushaboom (Let it Die)
Band of Horses (Interscope) - The Funeral (Everything All the Time)
Gooby Goo & Peekers () - Lighten Up (from myspace)
Two Gallants (Saddle Creek
) - Las Cruces Jail (What the Toll Tells)
Mean Moon (Arkain) - Storm (from Myspace)

Mike and Zane. A short Easter special, just for you.


+++April 9th, 2006: Episode 024 (75.5Mb)

Release #24: (not 23 like I said)

Blonde Redhead (Touch & Go) - Missle ++ (In an Expression of the Inexpressionable)
Old Time Religion (K Records) - Vampire Sushi (Witchcraft Rebellion)
Chuck Berry ()- Almost Grown (The Great Twenty-Eight)
Cat Power (Smells Like Records) - We All Die (Myra Lee)
Sun Ra (Calibre) - Other Worlds (The Heliocentric Worlds of Sun Ra Vol 1)
The Decemberists (Kill Rock Stars) - Of Angels and Angles (Picaresque)
For Stars (Full Frequency Range
) - Field of Fire (For Stars)
Corrina Repp (Hush) - You've Been Flirting Again (A Tribute to Bjork)
Dave Douglas (RCA) - Unison (The Infinite)
Bjork (Electra) - Cocoon (Vespertine)

Mike all alone, in the light, with a head full of woodplanks..until Brent comes to do the lawn.


+++April 2nd, 2006: Episode 023 (92.65Mb)

Release #23:

David Bowie (Virgin) - Moonage Daydreame (Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust)
Elliot Smith (Kill Rock Stars) - Southern Belle (Elliot Smith)
764 Hero (UP)- Loaded Painted Red (Get Here and Stay)
The Beach Boys (Capitol) - Carolina, No (Pet Sounds)
Swayze (Arkain) - Iphenigeniao (Swayze)
Warren Hixson (Arkain) - He is a Crumb Strip (Mouth Kissing in America)
Bruce Springsteen (Columbia
) - Atlantic City (Nebraska)
Bonnie Prince Billy (Palace) - Black (I See a Darkness)
Pink Floyd (Capitol) - Interstellar Overdrive (Piper at the Gates of Dawn)
Pink Floyd (Capitol) - The Pink Floyd (Capitol) - The Nile Song (More)
Pink Floyd (Capitol) - Careful with that Ax, Eugene (Ummagumma)

Mike all alone, in the dark, with a head full of sawdust.


+++March 5th, 2006: Episode 022 (85.95Mb)

Release #22:

Brian Eno (EG) - Baby's on Fire (Here Come the Warm Jets)
The Flaming Lips () - The WAND ()
The Books (Tomlab)- Tokyo (The Lemon of Pink)
Clockhands Strangle () - Track1 (Paper Flowers)
Jeff Mangum (Orange Twin) - Two-Headed Boy pt 2 (Live @ Jittery Joes)
Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin () - House Fire (Broom)
Eddy Arnold (
) - I'll Trade All of My Tomorrows
Tapes 'n Tapes (ibid) - Cowbell (The Loon)
Ornette Coleman (Atlantic) - Bird Food (Change of the Century)
Do Make Say Think (Constellation) - The Landlord is Dead (Goodbye Enemy Airship)

Mike + Zane = morning funtime.


+++February 26th, 2006: Episode 021 (85.95Mb)

Release #21:

Tapes 'n Tapes (ibid) - Insistor (The Loon)
Low (Virgin) - Dinosaur Act (Things We Lost in the Fire)
Spoon(Merge)- Two Sides Monsieur Valentine (Gimme Fiction)
The White Stripes (V2) - Forever for Her (Get Behind Me Satan)
Arsenio Rodriguez () - Un Cachito Pa Mi ()
The Invisible Eyes (Bomp!) - Monster Blues (Laugh in the Dark)
Hank Williams (
) - I'm Sorry for You My Friend (40 Greatest Hits)
Willie Nelson (Dreamworks) - Cowboys Are Frequently Secretly Fond of Each Other
Cat Power (Matador) - The Moon(The Greatest)

Mike, Zane, and Dave: Dong fishing, I mean Gone fishing.


+++February 12th, 2006: Episode 020 (109.76Mb)

Release #20:

Cat Power (Matador) - The Greatest (The Greatest)
Low (Virgin) - Lazy (I Could Live in Hope)
Great Lake Swimmers (Weework) - The Man with No Skin (s/t)
Six Orders of Admittance (Drag City) -Home (School of the Flower)
Warren Hixson(Arkain)- Andrea (One-Third Split)
Swayze (Arkain) - The Wedding Song (One-Third Split)
ASPE (Arkain) - Age 18: The Centuarian Quarter (One-Third Split)
The Mountain Goats (4AD) - Up the Wolves (The Sunset Tree)
The Halo Benders (K-Records) - Lonesome Sundown(The Rebels Not In)
Shining (Rune Grammofon) - Perdurabo (In the Kingdom of Kitch, You Will be a Monster)
Dick Dale (Rhino)- Surf Beat (Best of Dick Dale)
Tadpole Fad (
Arkain) - Koala (Business Casual)
Radiohead () -? (Rareties)

Mike and Brent make for a moody Sunday morning.


+++February 5th, 2006: Episode 019 (100.76Mb)

Release #19:

Sonic Youth (Geffen) - Washing Machine (Washing Machine)
Tom Waits (Island) - Jockey Full of Bourbon (Rain Dogs)
Warren Hixson (Arkain)
-The Beard Song (Mouth Kissing in America)
Guided by Voices (Matador)- Sleep Over Jack (Half Smiles of the Decomposed)
Red Canary (Arkain) - Clay Hands (Merge Monolith, GO!l)
John Zorn (Tzadik) - Leviathan (IAO)
Prader-Willi (Arkain) - Track 3 (Minus One)

Mike and Steve simulate an experimental podcast.


+++January 28th, 2006: Episode 018 (85.32Mb)

Release #18:

Pixies (4AD) - Oh My Golly (Sufer Rosa)
Pink and Brown (Load) - Famous Anus (Shame Fantasy II)
Sebadoh (Homestead)
-Flame (The Sebadoh)
Melt Banana(A-zap)- Shield Your Eyes, A Beast in the Wall (Cell Scape)
Silversun Pickups (Dangerbird) - Kissing Families (Pikul)
Joanna Newsom (Drag City) - The Book of Right On (Milk Eyed Mender)
Jose Gonzales (Imperial) -Stay in the Shade (Veneer)
Woven Hand(Glitterhouse) - Cripple Gate (Blush Music)

Rogue Wave (Subpop) - Bird on a Wire (Descended Like Vultures)

Gregor Samsa (Iodine) - * (27:36)

Mike had Applejacks for breakfast, Zane had Sonic. It was a Sunday like many others.


+++December 18th, 2005: Episode 017(92.32Mb)

Release #17:

Dion McGregor(Tzadik) - Dumb Fart (Dion McGregor Dreams Again)
Stephen Malkmus(Matador) - Baby C'mon ( Face the Truth)
Operation Ivy (Lookout!
) -Room without a Window (Operation Ivy)
Cloud Cult (Baria)- Clip Clop (Advice from the Happy Hippopotomus)
Sex Mob(Columbia) - Super Don (Din of Inequity)
Miles Davis (Columbia) - Directions (Black Beauty: Live at the Filmore West)
Frank Zappa(Rykodisc) -I'm a Bandleader (The Lost Episodes)
Bonnie Prince Billy(Palace Records ) - A King at Night (Ease Down the Road)

Sebadoh (Homestead) - Submarine (The Freed Weed)

Dave Douglas (Avant) - Mad Dog (Sanctuary)

Mike, Zane, Conor, and Jesse. Podcast #17- #3 where everyone has been here, way to go fellas.


+++December 13th, 2005: Episode 016(95.05Mb)

Release #16:

Warren Hixson (Arkain) - Joe Smith Blues (Unreleased)
The White Stripes (V2)- Walk with a Ghost (Waling with a Ghost EP) .
Dirty Poodle (
) - Silver Ship (Unreleased)
The Silver Jews (Drag City )- There is a Place (Tanglewood Numbers)
Frog Eyes(Animal World) - Soldiers (Golden River)
Fun Killer (Arkain) - Hand Me Down Organs (On Cemetery Road)
Sufjan Stevens(Sounds Familyre) -All the Trees of the Field will Clap Their Hands(Seven Swans)
Fugazi(Dischord) - Life and Limb (The Argument)
Blonde Redhead (4AD) - Doll is Mine (Misery is a Butterfly)

Mike, Zane, Brent, Teresa, and Dave. Brent is really drunk and near tripping on pot cookies- no one has any idea what the hell he is talking about.


+++December 4th, 2005: Episode 015(80.57Mb)

Release #15:

Cody Chestnutt (Ready, Set, Go) - Boylife in America (Headphone Masterpiece)
Tracy + the Plastics (Chainsaw)- Aint Never Gonna Die (Musclers Guide to Videonics)
Bjork (
Elektra) - Truimph of the Heart (Medula)
The Books(Tomlab)- Smells Like Content (Lost and Safe)
Cornelius(Matador) - New Music Machine(Fantasm))
Modest Mouse(UP) - Neverending Math Equation (Building Nothing Out of Something LP)
Bright Eyes(Saddle Creek) - Landlocked Blues (I'm Wide Awake, its Morning)
Joanna Newsom (Drag City) - Casseopia (The Milk-Eyed Mender)
Mirah(K-Records) - Cold Cold Water (Advisory Committee)
Castanets (Asthamic Kitty) - I am the Blood (Cathedral)

Mike and a Zane.


+++November 28nd, 2005: Episode 014(95.57Mb)

Release #14:

Beulah(Velocette) - Popular Mechanics for Lovers (Coast is Never Clear)
M. Ward(Merge)- Flaming Heart(End Of Amnesia)
Jay Farrar (Act/Resist ) - Fish Fingers Norway (Terrior Blues)
Johnny Cash (Universal)- Give My Love to Rose (The Man Comes Around)
Captain Beefheart (Budda) - Sure 'Nuff, 'N Yes, I Do (Safe as Milk)
The Rolling Stones(ABKCO) - Its All Over Now (12x5)
Aesop Rock (self-released) - Plastic Soldiers (Music for Earthworms) - Not Earthworks, like I said twice
Built to Spill (Warner Bros. ) - Carry the Zero (Keep it Like a Secret)
Part Chimp(Rock Action) - War Machine (I am Come)
Jolie Holland (Anti) - All the Morning Birds (Catalpa)
Dave Douglas (Greenleaf) -A Nasty Spill (Mountain Passages)
Des Ark (Bakery Outlet ) - Some are Love (Loose Lips Sink Ships)
For Squirrels (self released )- Go On Up (Baypath Road)
Clinic (Domino) - The Second Line (Internal Wrangler)
Silver Jews (Drag City )- Punks in the Beerlight (Tanglewood Numbers)
Wolf Parade (Subpop) - You are a Runner, and I my Father's Son (Apologies to the Queen Mary)

Mike, and a late bit of Jesse.

+++November 22nd, 2005: Episode 013(75.75Mb)

Release #13:

Candi Staton(Fame) - Rather Be an Old Mans Sweethear (Automatic Midnight)
The Features (Universal)- Someway, Somehow (Exhibit A)
Devo (Warner Bro.) - Mongoloid (Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo!)
The Mountain Goats (4AD)- No Children (Tallahassee)
Anomoanon(Box Tree Records) - First Date (Summer Never Ends)
The Double (Matador) - Up All Night (Loose in the Air)
David Dondero (Ghost Meat ) - Motion Picture Song (Spider West..)
Cat Power (Matador) - Satisfaction (The Covers Album)
Fiery Furnaces (Rough Trade) - Wayfaring Grandaughter (Rehearsing my Choir)
Fiery Furnaces (Rough Trade) - Cheif Inspector Blanche Flower (Blueberry Boat)
The Blackheart Procession (Southern) -Even Theives Couldnt Lie (I)

Mike, Zane, and a little bit of a far away Jesse.


+++November 14th, 2005: Episode 012(81.90Mb)

Release #12:

Hot Snakes (SFTRI) - Salton City (Automatic Midnight)
Blonde Redhead (Smells Like)- Violent Life (La Mia Vita Violenta)
Sweep the Leg Johnny (Southern) - Only in a Rerun (Going Down Swinging)
Joanna Newsom (Drag City)-Bridges and Balloons (Milk-Eyed Mender)
Neil Young () - Expecting to Fly (Decade)
Holopaw (Subpop) - Pony Apprehension (Holopaw)
Neil Young (Reprise) - Words Between the Lines of Age (Harvest)
Tarkio () - Sister Nebraska (I Guess I was Hoping for Something More)
Minutemen (SST) - Blacksheep (Joy)
Deerhoof (Kill Rock Stars) - Wheely Freed Speaks to the People
(The Man, The King, the Girl)
Deerhoof (Kill Rock Stars) - Satan (Holdypaws)
Archie Shepp (Impulse) - Attica Blues (Attica Blues)

Fun with Steve.

+++November 7th, 2005: Episode 011(78.45Mb)

Release #11:

Frank Zappa (Rykodisc) -
Wedding Dress Song/Handsome Cabinboy (The Last Episodes)
Blonde Redhead (Touch and Go)- Kazuality (Fake Can Be Just As Good)
Animal Collective (Fat-Cat) - Grass (Feels)
Purple Trap (Tzadik)- Who Decided the Number I (Decided...)
Cara del Gato (Arkain) - Teenage Hellbeast (Sushi Lightning Computer)
Avalanches (Elektra) - Since I Left You (Since I Left You)
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum (Web of Mimicy) -
Adversary of Humity Opens the Discussion (Of Natural History)
The Dirty Three (Hope and Anchor ) - Red (Horse Stories)
Animal Collective (Fat-Cat) - Purple Bottle (Feels)
Cheer Accident (Skin Graft ) - Campo Physique (Introducting Lemon)
John Lee Hooker() - Queen Bee

Funny voices ensue, Jesse MIA.


+++October 23rd, 2005: Episode 010(59.4Mb)

Release #10:

Goldfinger (Universal) - Mabel(Goldfinger)
The Thermals (Subpop)- No Culture Icons (Parts Per Million)
Goldspot (Union Records ) - Rewind (Tally of the Yes Men)
Tom Waits (Anti)- A Good Man is Hard to Find (Blood Money)
Mark Mallman (Badman) - Hardcore Romantic (Mr. Serious)
The Cowford Tramps () - Sweet Emily Brown (Live @ Freebird)
Deefhoof (Kill Rock Stars ) - Midnight Bicycle Mystery (The Runners Four)
Deefhoof (Kill Rock Stars ) - Byun (Green Cosmos)
Mazarin (Victoria) - Wheat (Watch it Happen)
Elliott Smith (Anti) - King's Crossing (From a Basement on the Hill)
Gregor Samsa (Iodine) - * (27:36)


+++October 9th, 2005: Episode 009 (66.45Mb)

Release #9: 4-2 = 2.

Os Mutantes (Omplatten) - Panis et Circenses (Os Mutantes)
Fred Frith - Sparrow Song (Step Across the Border)
Circulatory System (Cloud Recordings) - Yesterdays World (Circulatory System)
The Soul Stirrers (Specialty) - Pilgrim of Sorrow (Orig. Soul Stirrers w/ Sam Cooke)
Skip James (Yazoo) - He's a Mighty Good Leader (Complete Early Recordings)
Bob Log III (Epitaph) - Clap your Tits (Trike)
Fog (Ninja Tune) - What a Day Day (Ether Teeth)
Optiganally Yours (Absolutely Kosher) - Poodleman (Exclusively Talentmaker!)
Marvin Pontiac () - Small Car ()
Do Make Say Think (Constellation) - The Landlord is Dead (Goodbye Enemy Airship)

Mike and Conor play tracks that the two truants would probably dislike.


+++ September 29th, 2005: Episode 008 (64.18Mb)

Release #8: Two for Thursday?

Drunk Elvis- Audio clip from this video (Watch it)
The Gerbils (Hidden Agenda) - Walnuts (Are You Sleepy?)
Tim Seely (Slowdance) - Funeral Music (Funeral Music)
Time Seely (Slowdance) - Sometimes a Fool (Funeral Music)
Deathcab for Cutie (Barsuk) - Title Track (The Facts are in and We're Voting Yes)
Deathcab for Cutie (Barsuk) - Bend to Squares (Something about Airplanes)
Beck (DGC) - Pay No Mind (Mellow Gold)
Beck (DGC) - Hollywood Freaks (Midnight Vultures)
Elliott Smith (Hollywood) - Trouble (Thumbsucker Soundtrack)
Blonde Redhead (Smells Like) - Violent Life (La Mia Vito Violenta)
Blonde Redhead (Touch and Go) - Luv Machine (In an Expression of the Inexpressible)

Zane and Mike host as a duet. Jesse and Conor have been arrested for raping ducks. Nick Sessions calls in from his telephone and tries to trade his girlfriend for melted doll carcass. Fun is had.


+++ September 18th, 2005: Episode 007 (94.34Mb)

Release #7: The Boom Release

Devo (Warner Bro.) - Mongoloid (Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo!)
The Causey Way (Put it on a Cracker) - Natural Disasters (WWCD)
Dr. Octogon (Dreamworks) - Half Shark Aligator Half Man (Dr. Octogonocologyst)
Karate (Southern) - There Are Ghosts (The Bed is in the Ocean)
Fancie (Hush) - Love is Meat (A Negative Capability)
Innocence Mission (Badman) - I Never Knew You From the Sun(Befriended)
Evens (Dischord) - Around the Corner ()
Okkervil River (Jagjaguwar) - Kansas City (Dont Fall in Love w/ Everyone You See)
Jolie Holland (Anti) - Goodbye California (Esconida)
Pilotdrift (Good Records Recordings ) - Elephant Island (Water Sphere)
Secret Chiefs 3 (Web of Mimicy) - Welcome to the Theatron Animatronique (Book of Horizons)
Kind of Like Spitting (Hush) - You Cant Get Stoned Enough (Learn the Songs of Phil Ochs)
Clap Your Hands, Say Yeah () - Upon this Tidal Wave of Young Blood (s/t)

Fela Kuti - Alu Jon Jonki Jon (Open & Close/Afrodisiac)

Everyone was here this week! And a lot of Booms went out. 13 tracks of goodness for you.


+++ September 10th, 2005: Episode 006 (83.84Mb)

Release #6:

Fruitbats(Subpop) - A Bit of Wind (Mouthfuls)
RL Burnside (Fat Possum)- The Criminal Inside Me
Cara del Gato (Arkain)- Scary Laboratory(Live)
John Vanderslice(Barsuk) - Farewell Sarah Shu (Pixel Revolt)
Cara del Gato (Arkain) - Get Out of Here Ghost (Live)
M. Ward(Merge) - Sweetheart on Parade (Transistor Radio)
Royal Fingerbowl(TvT)- Muenchentown (Happy Birthday, Sabo!)
Melt Banana(A-zap) - Party Hat (Miracle of Levatation)
TV on the Radio(Touch&Go) - Dry Drunk Emperor (Unreleased)
Cyne(City Center Offices) - Plight About Now (Evolution Fight)
Cara del Gato (Arkain) - Teenage Hellbeast (Live)
For Squirrels - Left Behind (Baypath Road)
Maserati(Kindercore) - Ambassador of Cinema (The Language of Cities)

Cara del Gato guest and perform. Jesse is on a ghost tour. Conor has eyebrows. Zane drinks coffee shake juiceboxes. Mike is high on Nyquil and is more of a rauchy asshole than usual.

+++ August 23th, 2005: Episode 005(79.30Mb)

Release #5:

Elliott Smith - Needle in the Hay(Live in Largo)
Destroyer (Merge) - It's Gonna Take an Airplane(Your Blues)
Rilo Kiley (Barsuk) - Science vs. Romance (Take-offs and Landings)
Kind of Like Spitting (Hush) - Old Moon Meet New (Old Moon in the Arms of the New)
Kind of Like Spitting (New American Dream)-Blue Period (Nothing Makes Sense out of it)
Dear ++ Glorious Physician (Arkain) - The Whiter Machine (s/t)
Radar Brothers (Merge) - Sisters(And the Surrounding Mountains)
Pink Floyd (Columbia) - Not Now John (The Final Cut)
John Vanderslice (Barsuk) - They Wont Let Me Run(Cellar Door)
The Mercury Program (Tigerstyle) -
Reinventing the Challenge for Machines(The Vapor of Gasoline)
The Broken Social Scene (Noise Factory) - KC Accidental(You Forgot it in People)

And then there were two: Mike and Jesse host. Conor and Zane are absent due to frantic buttsex injuries.

+++ August 10th, 2005: Episode 004 (94.45Mb)

Release #4 w/ Special Guest Brent Delventhal (Warren Hixson)
Polline - unreleased 4 track recording
Royal City (Three-Gut) - I Am Raw Youth (At Rush Hour The Cars)
Jim Guthrie (Three-Gut) - Problem w/ Solutions (Now More Than Ever)
Unbunny (2 Ton Santa) - In A Way (Black Strawberries)
Neutral Milk Hotel (Merge)- Song Against Sex (On Avery Island)
Warren Hixson (Arkain) - Live performance of Prism Me
Antenne (Korm Plastics)- Black Eyed Dog (#2)
Blood River - title unknown
Of Montreal (Polyvinyl) - Scenes from My Funeral (Eatery Songs and Songles)
Of Montreal (Polyvinyl) - So Begins Our Alabee (The Sunlandic Twins)
Deerhoof (Kill Rock Stars) - Milking (Milkman)
Warren Hixson (Arkain) - Live performance of Barmaid
One Mile North (Ba Da Bing!) - In 1983, He Learned to Fly (Minor Shadows)

Conor is awol again, Warren Hixson plays live, the mood is tense and morale is low, next week we will feature wrestling and knife fights.

+++ August 4th, 2005: Episode 003 (79.83Mb)
The Merge Records Tribute Show

Release #3:
M. Ward (Merge) - Helicopter (Transfiguration of Vincent)
M. Ward (Future Farmer/misc) - So Much Water (End of Amnesia)
Animal Collective (Fat-Cat) - Leaf House & Who Could Win a Rabbit (Song Tongs)
Magnetic Fields (Merge) - Washington DC & Time Enough for Rocking When We're Old (69 Love Songs)
Camera Obscura (Merge) - Teenager (Underachievers Please Try Harder)
The Arcade Fire (Merge) - No Cars Go (The Arcade Fire EP)
Rock A Teens (Merge) - Car and Driver (Sweet Bird of Youth)
Spoon (Merge) - The Minor Tough (A Series of Sneaks)
Spoon (Merge) - They Never Got You (Gimme Fiction)
Hydra the Sea Serpent (Arkain) - Dry Air (s/t EP)
Pilot Drift (Good Records Recording) - So Long (Watersphere)
The Buzzcocks(Merge/various) - Autonomy (Another Music in a Different Kitchen)
Swayze (Arkain) - The Spy Song (A Shame Play)

Conor plays hooky to train for the gator wrestling championships, Jesse talks less than normal and gets tired early. We promote Merge records as though they are paying us, but they're not...we just love them, and you should too. If you like any of the tracks played on this show...buy the albums.

+++ July 30th, 2005: Episode 002 (80.90Mb)

Release #2:
Trans Am (Thrill Jockey) - Strong Sensations (You Can Always Get What You Want)
The Funerals (Thule Musik) - Teenagers (Pathetic Me)
Unbunny (Esque) - Massachusetts (Fission Romance the West)
Master Musicians of Bukkake (Abductor) - Lucky Duck (The Visible Sign of Invisible Order)
Melt Banana (A-Zap) - Introductor for Charlie (Charlie)
John Vanderslice (Barsuk) - Gruesome Details (Mass Suicide Occult Figurines)
Sun Kil Moon (Jetset) - Glenn Tipton (Ghosts of the Great Highway)
Kid Dakota (Chairkicker's) - Negative Kid (unreleased track)
Tadpole Fad (Arkain) - Rad (Rad)
The Pawn Rook Four () - Face of the Earth (Faking a Living EP)
Numbers (Tigerbeat6) - Human Replace (Life)
Centro-matic (Misra) - Glacial Slurs (South San Gabriel Songs)
Swayze (Arkain) - The Score (***LIVE PodCast performance***)

Zane is up the river, Conor dips out early after the elf song, Jesse and Mike do a live song. The show is more concise this time, with more music and less BS. We cant guarantee this everytime, so dont get too comfortable with it.

+++ July 21st, 2005: Episode 001 (77.6Mb)
(Link has been fixed, sorry)

Our First release:
Warren Hixson (Arkain) - Duluth (Litho in USA)
Polar Goldiecats (Ecstatic Peace) - My New Nails (s/t)
The Thermals (Subpop) - Its Trivia (More Parts per Million)
Jennifer Gentle (Subpop) - I Do Dream You (Valende)
South San Gabriel (Misra) - I feel to Young too Die (The Carlton Chronicles)
Mendoza Line (Misra) - Something Dark (Lost in Revelry)
Hound Dog Taylor (Alligator) - Gimme Back my Wig (HDT & the house rockers)
Moto and Mouse (Arkain) - The Selective Listener (Build.Destroy.Repeat)
Swayze (Arkain) - The Wedding Song (unreleased)
Deerhoof (Kill Rock Stars)
- This Magnificent Bird Will Rise (Reveille)

are played while Zane and Jesse get more and more drunk. Mike makes lewd unwarranted comments about people that he's never met. Conor laughs loudly and argues over the existence of satin jackets. Overall, a fun time, with good music...



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